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However, the upside is that all data is locally hosted and technically never has to leave your servers, or if you’re messaging a provider like Tutanota, you don’t need to worry cause its going to another secure email.

If you’re tired of not knowing where your data is being stored, give Shazzle Mail a try!

If you don’t wish to switch email providers, we recommend you begin implementing some form of encryption, such as PGP.

One of the first-ever and longest lasting secure email providers on the market is Hushmail, whose been providing secure email since 1999.

While Rise Up offers great security they have one major downside in that it takes a support ticket and a few days to get an account.

To start, you must first send in a support ticket requesting an email and telling them why you want one.

The list of secure email providers above is a comprehensive list of privacy focused providers that has been vetted by our team of security experts.

This means if you are running it on a smartphone and it happens to loose battery, technically your server is offline, and now you have no way of receiving or reading your messages.

Another secure email service for activists and privacy-supporters if Rise Up, a Seattle-based digital collective that offers free security and anonymity tools.

Born out of the need for email privacy, Rise Up provides a secure email solution with absolutely zero trackers and no censorship.

Instead of Shazzle Mail hosting your content they’ve developed a way for your to be the server, meaning you store all your data locally and nothing ever passes through Shazzle Mail.

It’s quite simple, you download the Shazzle Mail app on your smartphone, setup and account and your all done.

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