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Using Internet Explorer, you can access, read and write the contents of the USB drive.The NAS facility uses any FAT16 or FAT32 formatted device (includes USB memory sticks, USB hard drives etc.) The Vigor 2710 Series also features Web Content Filtering, allowing you to block web sites or content by keyword matching, content file type or by using Dray Tek's new Global View site cetegorisation system (subject to subscription).The Vigor 2110 Voice-over-IP equipped models provides a phone port allowing you to connect any regular telephone (cordless or corded) to make and receive voice calls using your Internet connection.Using industry standard SIP-protocols, this enables you to make free Internet calls to any other compatible SIP user, or calls to the regular phone network (PSTN / Landlines / Mobiles) via a Vo IP gateway service such as Dray TEL (or any other SIP compliant service).The Vigor2110 combines compatibility with cable modem Internet (from Virginmedia) and other Ethernet fed Internet connections together with performance, features and price into an attractive, reliable and easy-to-use product, with the pedigree and thoughtful design Dray Tek are renowned for.Wireless (Wi Fi) and Vo IP equipped models further enhance the flexibility of the router and outgoing VPN makes it ideal as a teleworker router for your home VPN link to your main office. It's a very good product and, based on the opinions of thousands of PC Pro readers, should be reliable too.Dray Tek Web Filtering allows you to block web content in three main ways: Features 1,3 and 4 above are included with the router.

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For increased range/coverage, Dray Tek have a range of directional aerials (see 'accessories').The Dray Tek method is 'object' oriented, which means that you create lists of keywords or sites, can then group them and then apply them into specific user groups or time periods Using a , all sites would be accessible by your users except those that match the keywords you specify.This would be useful, for example where there are specific sites known to be causing disruption or timewasting in your organisation such as social networking or webmail.Cleverly conceived cable entry points also minimise the overall size of the unit.The Vigor 2110 isn't just for cable-modem lines; you can instead use a 3G modem from any of the main carriers (Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone etc.) for Internet connectivity instead of a cable-modem. The Vigor 2110 Series routers with built-in Wireless LAN ('n' models) allow you to use your wireless equipped computers or laptops wirelessly, without needing a cable back to the router; this provides convenience and mobility in your home or office.

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