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And to come on here and read peoples messages thanking all of them, its makes it easier for me to wait, because I know that he is helping people and that they actually appriciate him and all the other firefighters out there.

I want to thank the fire fighters for everything they have done.

The Santee firefighters came in and did their job, then when to other places to help them. I also want to thank SDG&E for getting our power on so fast, they helped us get our lifes back to normal. There are no words to adequately Thank each & every one of you!! I was first Pulaski for about one year at Rainbow CC #2 (one of 3 all womens firecamps in California) and from that experience I understand all you have been going through.

Everyone in San Diego County are affected by this fire. I do want to express my thanks to the people who are coming here and thanking them for their hard work.

We saw it coming towards our home on 2 different occations, but the wind shifted and we didn't have to evacuate. Everytime I talk to my boyfriend I ask him when he gets to come home and be with me, and everytime he tells me "When the people here arent in danger anymore".

A few years ago we survived a house fire only because fire fighters made the right decisions.

I don't know the level of their education but I do know it took intellegence and instinct -not to mention pure guts!

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