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After he became the victim of accusations despite the fact that acquitted of charges,not farther occupied in the new series and movies, which was the aim of the conspiracy. kind off a bit off from everybody's perfect-kind-of-drama. Park Si Hoo, you are a very charismatic and great actor; awesome actor. I really hope PSH is innocent, I like his acting a lot, but I don't like that he was drinking with someone so much younger than him, he should have escorted her home safely, maybe built a real relationship if he was so interested. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND NEVER LEAVE YOU PARK SI HOO... You really hook me because this is the first time that i adore a korean actor! :-) PSH, I can't wait to watch your movie "Confession of murder"... Hope this drama is very nice and romantic and bring us a joyful pleasant watching feeling...........

All drama, play in the title role, I was pleased to see. I wish it will end as soon as possible.fighting oppa! I'd like you to know that no matter what will be, I'm still here to support you! I started to like you much since i've watched princess's man here in phil. I mean yeah Lee Min Ho is attractive and good at acing but there is just something so special about Park Shi Hoo. The scene of Korea is nice , the song for Cheongdam Dong Alice Ost is also nice......

Please show your sympathy and let's welcome him back to the industry with open arms!!! 12There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor? I will never believe that someone's vile lie can prevent you please all of us yours new roles. hopefully you can be one of a big actor who have both of good talent and good personality. I believe he was set up and I pray for him everyday that he is set free and that his health and mental well being is restored and he marches onward to bigger and better things.. I am looking forward to seeing you acting soon again I hope!!! I will pray that you will come out of this tough time a better man. The worst of all, he has old and ugly couples in two dramas: Queen of Reversals and Prosecutor Princess. We must said: This drama is a best forever in World. Actually I’ve watch so many times This movie makes me feel that I’m in a world of real where a princess (Ryung) love Too much Seung-yoo her teacher in right love.(Romeo & Juliet) They were the best such a great couple. Im from Singapore and just so you know, or if you ever see this, you have fans ALL AROUND THE WORLD!! Hi Park Si-hoo, really appreciate your performance. And hope you have chance to meet your fans in Hong Kong. Really like Park Si Hoo, especially when paired with Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess, very cute. I felt so bad for him in Prosecutor Princess cause the girl liked someone else, not that the other guy is bad, but it was really sad to watch.

Please remember - "You're innocent until proven guilty." In his letter to fans, PHS has expressed his utmost appreciation, sincere and true understanding and learning from the lesson, and positive & eager attitude toward improving his image by working hard for all walks of people. --- big fan:) James -12 Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you. He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. Park shi hoo keep fighting^_^ you are one of Korean charismatic actor. I plan on watching more of Park Si Hoo and I hope and pray he will get to continue to act regardless of the bad situation I hear in the news.. I hope you have a lot of support and that everything gets sorted out. This is the time to turn to God for prayers and blessing. I wish he can get good dramas in the future and be paired up with my favorite actresses. I'm excited to watch his first movie, Confession of Murder. His acting career is not really great if we count the number of movies/dramas he's in. Because is really Perfect ,perfessional, so very: exciting,amazing,beautiful and gerat drama. Our summer with the best Korean drama TPM is very Cool. please give us a next dramas Park shi Hoo with ..... (our love for the PSH and MCW song: Today I love more yesterday was what made we love this drama. Everytime I watch "TPM" I feel my day was so complete. Thanks of director & writer & actors Oh, PSH & MCW are the best. Let,s marry- What star did you-a Perfeckt Neighbor- How to Meet- Family,s Honor-Prosecutor Princess-Queen of Reversais- Iljimae and now Princess Man. Now the series Princess Man has millions spectator and you are very very lovely and Perfeckt. Asia, Europa,america People I've seen you in so many Korean dramas but recently, I watched an older drama, Princess Prosecutor and have grown to love your style, acting, character portrayal! I like you a lot now and am a huge fan of your fashion style! i hope someday i can go to korea just to see you or maybe you can visit here again in japan..oozing with sex appeal and for that i cant take my eyes off know what ur like a drug to me because now im addicted to you: Di love you!! wishing you more blessings because i know you do have a good heart...

However that does not affect my perception that he is a good actor. she had motive and agenda and I am sorry his talent has been sidetracked to China . Since I'm a solid fan of Lee Minho(1987), I didn't know anything about Park Si Hoo until my classmate convinced me to watch some of his dramas. Then in The Princess Man, your acting become more and more good. heard that you got earthquake experience in Bali, hope you not feel sorry and will come again to Indonesia. The pain of being separated from someone who you really love. PSH & MCW are ability to all role and acting Perfect. And I think that you have some of Seo In Woo's personality inside of you, am I right?

Watching you perform such moving dramas is really addicting and inspiring! i'm so pissed off By ridiculous accusations about him by evil,jealous, digusting people! love From Canada my sweetheart PSH...i miss you somuch! His ability to show his vulnerability makes me feel so touched. Why is it so easy to scandalize and gang up on a person based on rumors that causes him or her to lose their lively hood and possibly fall into bankruptcy? The day I will able to see you in my naked from Sri Lanka.... u know we all love u and support u no matter what lies they make about u so be strong. he is one of the great actors i've seen in my life! Continue to follow your dreams, and no matter what happens, just keep moving on. Just remember in the business that you enter if you are known some people will get jealous and that's how life goes so all you have to do is keep on fighting and be sincere in what you are doing and everything will always come in place. Just if you are not Guilty there is no need to be worry about other people opinion. You are a great actor and we miss your brilliant acting! Just recently became a fan of PSH great acting and on-screen sexiness; seen his works in Prosecutor Princess and Cheongdamdong Alice. A really good & innovative actor, he portrays very well the characters he plays from man of vengeance to crazy/wacko, eccentric and seriously funny man! First, Il-Jimae even though he wasn' the lead there, then Prosecutor Princess, Cheondamdong Alice and maybe not revenge but still has a dark theme in it (Confessions of Murder). He said he wanted to do a totally evil character one time in an interview so hey, he got what he wanted. Just look at the reviews on The Princesss Man and you'll know. I could cry just by looking at PSH's eyes and faint listening to his deep manly voice. OH, dear PSH, You are a our Popular in Asia, Europa and America.

I love all of his dramas, his acting is really touch my heart.. He always want to do his best on screen, he's really hard-working actor again again again.. :) PSH Please come back to our screens stronger than before and more often! whether it was mistake or accusation,has been need fresh start with new sight and move forward.please attention to new roles and come support you Hey1 you guys from korea's entertainement world you better bring back our boy Park si hoo!!!!! Park si hoo is such a talented actor, I am hooked on Korean soap opera because of him. Why do Koreans persecute and punish some of their most well known celebrities as Si Hoo? Dear PSH..are the one who deeply touched my heart..u are really amazing and past and hope u have get recovered and waiting for see u on screen (K-series) soon.. Wishing you happiness, good health and success in the coming year! Park Si Hoo your acting convey emotions and touching hearts! haaaaha, park shi hooo, i miss youuu, come back to the entertain world pleaseee, we love you, i like ur acting in prosecutor princess an chomdangdong alice, ur smile makes me smile tooooo, omo omo omoooo, oppaaa we will still be your fans, Really can't wait to see any upcoming drama tht in the furure he may be in. ='( 1 of the best actors i have ever good looking. Don't give up, and don't let the past hold you back by any means. Keep on fighting and whatever happen don't lose that beautiful smile of yours because it brighten the days of some people. Si Hoo ssi you are a very special person to inspire so much love from people all over the world. When I heard about your case it make me cry a lot I can't stop... Stay healthy and strong and always smile to us your big fan in Wisconsin, USA... Have you guys noticed how Park Shi Hoo is always doing revenge dramas? I have seen many popular actors in kdramas, but truly, even the most popular actors cannot act as good. PSH is so good at his craft that it makes me feel every emotion Kim Seung Yoo felt. Thanks of All Actors , Dir: Kim Jeong-Min, Wri: Jo Jung-Joo and Network: KBS 2.

So unlike u, I totally hate people like park si hoo with such poor characters. I also love beautiful Park Si Hoo Sii so much that sometimes I almost hate him. Ruwi, I hate lots of actors but I've never once wasted my time going to their sites. I'm MAD AS HELL because I can no longer watch another one of my favorite Korean actors! The first time I watched PSH kdrama (Princess' Man) I was caught with his smile. People around the globe are begging to see him one more time. But i can not find Let Marry with PSH as second lead. I am constantly looking for his presence on the TV and its like he was erased from Korean memories. I have watched family honor for more than 10 times. Don't ruin his live because of an unprovable scandal. He is a great actor with all his dramas and movies being hit. I prefer watching the people on the street of Seoul and particularly in S Korea's country side -there you see the true diversity of Korea, which is the true beauty of Korea -not the superficial worship that is found on places like this. I became a fan of his the first time I watched him act but when I saw how he treats his fans with the utmost kindness and respect, I was an even bigger fan. Have to say your pairing with moon only added to your appeal. After that I was eager to see more and more other movies with him. He and Moon Chae Won have such great chemistry on screen, it is understandable why fans wish they were dating. After watching The Princess' Man, i was extremely amazed by Park si hoo acting skills. KBS2 so much Thanks of all and director TPM Today night it’s the last episode today! I'm from Indonesia your drama the prosecutor Princess, is a very exciting,amazing and beautiful for viewers. really i like your smile and you have baby face...luck and God bless you..... i hope someday i can go to korea just to see you or maybe you can visit here again in japan..oozing with sex appeal and for that i cant take my eyes off know what ur like a drug to me because now im addicted to you: Di love you!! wishing you more blessings because i know you do have a good heart... ( Really is very unfortunate ) We thanks of all and too much PSH & MCW We love PSH and MCW so much. We want to see they both live together until the end.

He is sooo gorgeous and talented that I just want him ALL to myself too. You must be a psycho who really is in love with beautiful Park Si Hoo. Why not remove the claws out and limitations off him and give him another chance? I could say that this is his greatest asset which absolutely complimented his good look. Every person made a mistake and i'm sure he already learned from it.. I think about he has had to endure for a bad choice that he made. Why can't people enjoy and critique performances based on actions rather than on how they look. Stop being so rude, idiotic and bitchy and leave this really cool guy alone! i am one of the biggest fans of Park Si Ho in Indonesia. Are you coming to the bay area of northern California some day? The way he reacted when he was almost dying in the jail (last ep)really touched me. hope it will be a happy ending.the other hand, sad that it’s going to end soon.. You know what, your acting in Princess Prosecutor has succeeded melt my heart. ^__^ Hai park shi hoo or seo in wo in princess presecutor. i'm very like with your acting because i think you're good talent and also handsome. ocey, that enough for my comment, i hope you read it :-) The Million Spectator look forward and waiting for This drama beautiful, exciting, Professional "The Princess, Man". KBS2 TPM We look forward to next Ep 16 drama *TPM* Love / revenge / bleeding Which will win?!! best wish in life for all actors (PSH & MCW & LMW & HSH) in this drama.

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